What I'm Reading | October 2016

What I'm Reading | October 2016

I used to be an avid reader. I could go through multiple Nancy Drew books in a week. Then my life got busy and I got older and books, sadly, got pushed aside for a while. It was (and is!) so much easier to turn on my phone or computer, to spend the free time I have scrolling through social media or catching up Youtube videos.

I had this thought a few months ago, that every day I have the opportunity to learn something new. I can spend more time on social media, or I could pick up a book and slow down a bit. I read a statistic that said the average American 16 or older reads one book a year. I'm sorry, what? That's challenging. I have so much time on my hands that I spend doing mindless activities, I want to be intentional about my time and not dull my brain by constantly being on my phone. (Also, my job involves social media and being on my computer for the majority of the work day. It's so good for me to take a break and rest my eyes.) 

That's right, I got a library card and we are back in business. The mission, Read More, has begun.  Here are some books I read and enjoyed in October. 

start something that matters by blake mycoskie

The founder of TOMS wrote an autobiographical-business-inspirational book and it is seriously motivating. An easy read as well. One of my favorite points in the book was when he talked about starting with a story and building from there. He talks about when he first started the company, he was at an airport and saw someone wearing TOMS. He went up to her and said, "I love your shoes!" She launched into a whole excited monologue about the company and how much she loved their mission. It made Mycoskie realize that people were drawn to the story behind TOMS which in turn, motivated them to buy the product. This is so applicable in 

if you find this letter by hannah brencher 

This memoir wrecked me. But I mean, anything Hannah writes feels like a lightning bolt to my soul. In this book, she shares the story of how she moved to New York, started More Love Letters, and found God in even the smallest of moments. If you're approaching a new season in life, I would definitely recommend this book. (Also, if you're a human being, I would recommend this book to you.)  

the wes anderson complete collection

This isn't your typical read but it's beautiful and interesting. A brightly colored, packed pages, art book about Wes Anderson's movies complete with pages and pages of interviews and behind the scenes material. I was mesmerized. If you are inspired by "art books" or are in love with movies, this is a great book to page through. 


Read a book! :) Whether it is about something that you want to learn, a biography of a person you admire, or an easy read that you can finish in a weekend, I encourage you to pick up a book and learn something new today. (Maybe I was a librarian in another life?) If you're not used to reading for an extended period of time, set aside just 15 minute. Get a cup of coffee or tea, and sit in your favorite chair (or, like me, in bed!). Creating an environment that you want to read in is so important!