I'll be 100% honest right now, a lot of my marketing is done by seeking out (a nice way to say "stalking?") people on Instagram. You know when you find a friend of a friend on Instagram that just got engaged and you just want to photograph them? No? Just me? Cool.

I found Taylor and Karrissa through the Instagram account of one of my favorite coffee shops in Tulsa. I messaged Karrissa, hoping it wouldn't come off as weird that I thought they were awesome and would they be down for a photo-shoot? She responded enthusiastically and so we planned our session. These two are so. much. fun. Five minutes into their session, we were quoting New Girl and talking about following Kylie and Kendall on Snapchat. Taylor and Karrissa are kind, generous, and big-hearted people, it was SUCH a joy to photograph them.

Enjoy looking through Taylor and Karrissa's engagement photos! (Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm absolutely in love with Tulsa and the people in it.)