Right in the middle of making my decision about moving to Tulsa, this wedding happened. It solidified all of my hopes and dreams of ever moving to Tulsa and brought me to a place of, "YES. Tulsa is for me!" Andrew + Laura are kind, kind people. Their wedding was truly a celebration. These two met through mutual friends and their first date was over coffee and cookies. #IDEAL. 

Laura said, "I love you" first and a week later, Andrew showed up at her doorstep, "with heather (her favorite flower) and 4 boxes of blackberries (her favorite food at the time) and a big bucket of uncontainable emotions to tell her that I loved her beyond a shadow of a doubt." Hi guys, these are my people. 

It was an honor to shoot their beautiful wedding at the Hardesty Arts Center in Tulsa and an ever bigger joy and honor to be their friend. (Shout out to Ever Something and Frosted Fields Events for being two AMAZING vendors that truly I love working with!)