Ellie Be
Ellie Be



I'm all about vision-oriented education.

I believe that building a business out of a lifestyle, instead of the other way around, is imperative for success and more importantly, wholeness. 

Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear, a second opinion, another believer in your dreams to re-inspire and re-fuel your creative adventures. The Jumpstart sessions are one hour virtual (or in person) coffee dates for you and I to sit down and chat about your dreams and goals. You'll leave our time together with clear direction and action steps to start making things happen and my goal is that you will feel empowered to create a lifestyle and/or business that works for you and your dream clients. 

Good news! These mentor sessions (I call them Jumpstart Sessions) are not just for business owners. If you are wanting to move towards a lifestyle better suited for your life, these sessions are for you as well. We'll talk about your vision, what you can do today to make that happen, and we'll dream big for the future. (I'm all about dreaming big.) Sound good? Let's go!

1 HOUR / $ by donation

QUestions & answers

Where do these take place? / Jumpstart Sessions are held in person (I'm based in Tulsa, Oklahoma) or over Skype!

What will I get from it? / I'll be sending you some questions to help you search through your own business and come out better equipped to form a plan. At the end of your jumpstart session, my hope is that you feel empowered to go forward with your dreams through your attainable and admirable goals. 

By donation? / I'm doing something crazy. I'm not charging a set price for my mentor sessions, but offering them for donations only. That means whatever you think it is worth or whatever you are able to afford is what you pay. No questions asked, this is for reeeeeeal! 

When do these take place? / I will be scheduling jumpstart sessions for Tuesdays and Thursdays, so after you email me, I'll send you a calendar with some open slots. We can either meet via Skype or in person! There is a limited amount available a month so jump on it! 

Is this for me? / If you are a young creative person, yes! Whether you want to start a creative business, grow your current entrepreneurial adventure, or find balance in your life, jumpstart sessions are 100% for you. No doubt about it.