the ellie be manifesto

Photography for the people who:
snuggle under blankets
stargaze until the wee hours of the morning
enjoy eating good food
love to explore off the beaten path
& love movie nights at home.

Photography for those who:
love passionately and deeply
think life is an adventure, something to be savored and lived well
participate in family traditions
& add on some of their own.

Photography for those who:
believe in authenticity
take great risks
step confidently in the direction of their dreams
& are simply, utterly, beautifully, *human.*



You're looking around for the perfect venue, dress, flowers, cake, invitations, all the beautiful little (and big!) details that will come together to make your wedding perfect. You know who you'll invite, who will be in your bridal party, those people mean the most to you. Because that's what your wedding is really about. People. You, your significant other, and all those nearest and dearest to your heart who are coming together to celebrate YOU. 

I love meeting with couples to chat about life, their wedding, my photography and to see if we would be a perfect fit. You can browse through some of my previous wedding galleries, ask any and all questions, and eat yummy coffee shop food while holding your significant other's hand. I think that's a great plan.

It would be my honor to capture your stories, full of love + adventure. 



I am based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but love to + will most definitely travel! Contact me for more information about travel rates. I'm also totally down for putting together a custom package for you. Let's work together! 

why wedding photography?

I am a highly emotional person. My Myers Briggs personality type is ENFP which basically means that I'm an intuitive feeler. A high percentage of my decisions come from an emotional place. Often when I think about a good time in my life, I can get sad because it's over. (I cry when characters leave my favorite TV shows. Why can't they stay forever? Curse you Grey's Anatomy.) 

I have a very well documented childhood, thanks to my mother. I'll always love sitting in her closet, surrounded by boxes of film photos. (Even when I come across the embarrassing photos of me with a bad haircut.) Photos give me a tangible reminder of the things I never want to forget. They help bring back the different emotions I felt, they fill in where my mind may have drawn a blank, photos give me a way to feel again, in part, what I felt when they were taken. When I photograph a wedding, I hope that I can do that for you, for the biggest day of your life.

I also firmly believe that because I feel fulfilled in taking photos, creating art, telling stories, it is what I am meant to do. And if I'm meant to do it, I can't back down. (Same goes for you.) Rock on.