hey there. i'm ellie be + i'm a storyteller.

hello! I'm ellie be, a wedding and people photographer in gaithersburg maryland. i love the color yellow, summer, and the beach (can you be a cali girl without being born there?) i dream of living in london or california and i adore traveling (so far, guatemala takes the cake). so, if you're looking for someone to shoot your london wedding, my bags are already packed!

i love pretty clothes, fun tv shows (psych!), and making things (especially with glitter). i want to love people and love richly and really experience life, not just sit by. chocolate is my fav, washington dc is my town, and i love love (and people in love!)

oh, and i really kinda have a crush on photography.

pictures and stories are two of my favorite things. i started to use pictures to tell stories after i found that i could communicate through images better than words. it came much more naturally to me. i love to tell stories about people because people are complex and diverse. each person is different and fresh and inspiring. each person has a story.

i'm not your typical photographer. i won't take your typical shots. i'm not going to put you in a field, pose you awkwardly, or shoot the same photo you've seen again and again.

but! if you're looking for someone who will take photos of you as you are, who will make images beyond your typical snapshot, who will see the extraordinary adventure in your life, and who will let (and encourage you!) to be silly, to be lovey, to be YOU -- then i'm your girl.

i want to live a life of adventure! through my images i want you to see the extraordinary adventure in all of life -- from the ordinary and mundane to the exciting and new. i'm keeping track of life. and that starts with today. i'm not willing to sit back and let fear run the shots (no pun intended). "all it takes is 20 seconds of courage." that's how i want to live my life and that's how i see the world. in small handfuls and moments that make up a lifetime of courage, authenticity, and honesty.

everyone has a story.

i'm here to tell yours.

(and believe me...it's pretty much the best job ever)