nick + kristen // an annapolis, maryland proposal

Nick is my best friend's older brother. When she told me that Nick was going to be proposing to his girlfriend, Kristen, I was excited. For him, for their whole family. Then, she asked if I would want to photograph it. Of course I said yes. Ever since Josh + Emilee's proposal, these types of shoots have been my favorite. The raw emotion and the beauty of the moment is enough to make my heart pound. I love it. 

So on a clear April day, I drove to the gardens where Nick was planning to propose. We had kept in touch via text that morning, and as I when I was in my car in the parking lot, I saw them come out of the main building. He texted me saying, "We are in the woods! You can come out!" 

I walked through the woods on a path that was supposed to lead to the bridge overlooking the water, number 8 on the map. But it lead to a dead end. I started to panic. What if he proposed and I wasn't there? They can't recreate it! I passed by a beehive, a gazebo, some beautiful flowers, but no bridge. I looked at the map, turned right, left, right again, and there it was. But there was no Nick and Kristen. So I started walking towards a set of stairs and as I turned around to come to the other side of the bridge, there was Nick + Kristen walking towards the edge. Nick saw me. I quickly (but casually) pretended like I was looking around and I took a picture of a random tree. It's my favorite picture from the day. Just kidding. ;) I walked down the path a bit and settled down in a place where she wouldn't see me, all the while thanking Jesus that we had come to the bridge at the exact same time. I can't make this stuff up. 

This is their story in pictures. I am so so grateful that I could be there for this moment. Such a beautiful thing. 

Today, I leave for England. I'll be gone for a month. I am so incredibly excited for this trip. Follow my grams + tweets: @elliebe_