keswick with bethan | england, personal

Last year, a lovely girl named Bethan flew over from Wales + spent eight months in the US. She spent a majority of that time in my town, as a teacher's assistant, and I got to know her very well. It just so happened that she was 35 minutes away from me this week so I drove up to meet her and we spent the afternoon together in Keswick. Having not seen each other in a year, we caught up + enjoyed smoothies from Costa, a small coffee shop. 

Keswick (pronounced Kes-sick, yeah I don't get it either) is home to one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. Lakes hold special memories for me, I grew up going to my grandparent's lake in Canada and I have fallen in love with them. The UK has been having extremely unusual weather for this time of year, and today was a scorcher (by their standards, although, I am adapting to this weather and it was quite hot for me as well). I'm not complaining about the sunshine, although my suitcase full of jeans + sweaters might say otherwise. ;)