lauren + kiddos | lifestyle

Lauren was my history teacher for 9th + 10th grade and honestly, she's the best. Both years, we had a class full of girls. Talking, eating, laughing, and duh, learning, happened every class. We went on amazing field trips, and grew as a TEAM and not just as a class. Good times.

I watched as Lauren and her husband Paul wanted to have children, and the heartache of not being able to was so grieving to see. Finally, in December of 2011, they adopted their beautiful girl Esme. Over. Joyed. does not describe what I felt the day I heard. I began to cry and praise Jesus for His sweet mercies. Then, a few months later, they found out that Lauren was pregnant with twins. And more joyfulness + tears ensued. 

I had the chance to photograph Lauren + her three precious kiddos Esme, Jace + Emerie in their home last month. So so love these pictures and this family.