oops. yeah.

I was in line to go through security with a beach dude behind me and a business man directly in front. I fiddled with my ID, quickly took my shoes off and placed them in the gray plastic bin provided, and waited. I had that moment where I didn't know if I'd make it through alive. I'm kidding. 

I stepped into the machine, put my hands up (the butterflies fly away!), and they let me go a few seconds later. I breathed a sigh of relief, put my laptop back in my backpack, and headed straight for the Sonic. A girl needs a lemon slush when times get tough. 

Quick fact about me: I can sense when something is missing. I think it's genetic because my dad is the same way. So as I ordered my mozzarella sticks, I felt... empty. I mean something was wrong. I set my backpack on the wobbly table and searched through all of the pockets. My license. It was gone. I felt like Flynn Rider, "This is bad. This is really really bad!" I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I kept searching, through my pockets, on the floor. But that gut instinct proved to be right. I almost threw up. TMI? Maybe. I'm just telling the facts people. 

Suddenly, I didn't even care about food. I didn't care that my stuff was all over the table at Sonic in the middle of Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City. Those five seconds of sheer terror that my license was gone completely consumed me. Never mind that my logic and common sense flew out the window. I needed to find my license. Right. Then. 

So as I am almost hyperventilating, I hear a familiar phrase over the intercom. A comfortable formation of words: it's my name. "Ellie Berry, we have your license at security near Gate 14. Ellie Berry, please come retrieve your driver's license." I must have been running like a crazed monkey. I went up to the officer and said something stupid like, "I panicked!" He laughed and gave it to me. I was almost shaking. I guess all of those confused and excited and completely scared nerves wanted to come out.

I went back to the Sonic and my food was ready. Oh right, I ordered something! I sat down, double checked to make sure my license was indeed stowed safely in my wallet, and began to eat. I could resume a normal breathing pace. Until I heard that my flight might be delayed...

Turns out they were talking about a different plane. Silly airport staff.