We met through blogging, and strengthened our friendship through Facebook. Maybe social media is good for something after all. ;) 

I expected the first few hours of being at Carlotta's house to at least be a bit awkward. I mean hey, I had never met her or her family in person before. We were good friends but online is definitely different than actually seeing a person. 

In case you are wondering, it wasn't awkward at all. Not a bit. It felt like we had been friends for years. On the way home from meeting at a McDonalds (we have class), we stopped at an antique store and browsed around for a bit. We giggled at the strange owl obsession the store seemed to have, got freaked out at the creepy Christmas room, and geeked out about the yellow teapot. Okay that was me. 

Carlotta, I love you. Thank you for everything. You are beautiful - inside and out. Vlogfrog. 

And because I never post behind the scenes pictures, here ya go. 

 happy memorial day everyone! have a wonderful day remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom.