storytelling + raising money

I am a horrible, horrible storyteller. I'm the person who will start a story, "Okay, okay so this ONE time!!" and then finish it with, "Yeah, that's what happened." People will shrug and say "cool story bro" and walk on. But, today I am going to attempt to tell you a story. It's a pretty big one actually so hopefully I won't botch it too much. :) 

A few years ago, a friend of mine went off to a missions trip to Guatemala. She came back so inspired, so encouraged, and telling everyone about how wonderful + amazing it was. Now, you have to understand something about me. If I hear something is cool or awesome I'm like, "Dude sign me up!" But Guatemala, eh I didn't feel it. It was so far away and didn't seem like attainable. So I kind of gave up. Without even trying. Pitiful really.

A few months later I had a dream. I was at the orphanage in Guatemala and playing with the kids, and it really felt like I was THERE. Not just dreaming I was there, but it was dream that felt real. Super real. For 6 months I prayed about what the dream could mean. Did God want me to go to Guatemala? I mean how would I GET there? The money, the fact that they might not accept me, everything seemed scary. But in October of 2011, God opened that door. I wrote out my application, and started thinking about going. Fo real fo real. Due to the busyness of the Christmas season, and the fact that I needed to renew my passport, I stalled sending in the application. I finally mailed it in this past February. Long story short, I got accepted and I will be going to Guatemala in June of this year. 

I am so excited. You have no idea. The whole craziness of God's faithfulness is overwhelming. From planting that desire in my heart, to seeing it coming to fruition, I have seen (literally, seen) God's hand. It's amazing.

God is providing funds. One of the ways I am raising money is by doing photo shoots. Couples, families, seniors, anything YOU NAME IT. ALL of the money will go towards my missions fund. Not a cent of it will see my pocket. 

To be specific, I need $2100 before May 15. I am CONFIDENT that the Lord will provide this because I STRONGLY feel that He is calling me to go.

A photoshoot (family, couple, senior, just kids) is $100. If you are interested in supporting me, just email me to set up a date in the next month. I can give you more details!

the little fine print: the money that you give is not tax-deductible. you will get a CD of your pictures + a thank you card. no chocolate i'm afraid. ;) 

thank you thank you. xoxo.