fun loving chicas.

My style, as y'all know, is fun + energetic. My pictures before (as in, last week and earlier) were my style. Partially. I didn't realize how much this new lens would add to my style. Make it more of my own, give me EXACTLY what I was looking for. It's really. Awesome. 

Now let's be clear, my other pictures (they are officially labeled that. the "Other Pictures." shudder. i kid), were to the best of my ability, my style of pictures. This lens that I got though, helped step up my game a bit. It helped me finish off what I had already started. I did a location scouting photoshoot today of my sister Sarah and her friend Katie. Let's just say that the pictures are what I have been envisioning my style to be for a long time.  YEE-EARS. I am in love.

So yeah that's cool. :)
ps. i know i posted twice in one day. i am just that excited.