Goood afternoon world! Ready for another amazing senior session? 

This person here is Amy. She is wonderful in every way. (Maaaryyy Poppins! Practically perfect in every way.)

(Quick note for this post: I just realized I took 95% vertical pictures for this shoot. What was I thinking? Let's just call it a fun experiment mkay?)

 We popped into Starbucks for a minute to take some shots there. This man was there with his children and he came over to Amy and said, "Would you like a tiara?" I guess he thought it was a good prop? Anyway we kind of laughed it off and said, "No thank you!" And then awkwardly exited the store. We had gotten enough pictures thank you. 

The WIND. Thankfully we worked it to our advantage but some of the "outtakes" from this shoot have hair all over the place.

"Isn't she lovely?" 

Yeah she's pretty cute. 

Ba da bing.