this journey

I like to call this "Journey to the Center of the Earth." Or: "How I Started this Crazy Thing Called Taking Pictures of People For A Living. AreYouSeriousICanDoThat."

I remember telling my mom that knew what I wanted to do after high school. 13 year olds don't say "when I'm grown up." They say "after high school" or "in college."

Except I wasn't going to go to college. My career of choice needed no formal education, just hands on experience and a lot of passion. I wanted to be a photographer.

You know how most people find out they love photography while in college + pursuing something else like law? (Oh wait. That's  j* and J+M? Whoops.) Well, I learned while being babysat. By an awesome person named Kristen. She brought her camera sometimes and would take pictures of my siblings and I for practice. And boy did I fall in love. With the camera, with the pictures, with that fact that you could TAKE PICTURES with a CAMERA. I asked her so many questions, she should have gotten sick of me. But she didn't. She listened, answered, and even let me hold her camera a few times. I meeellllltttedddd.

Fast forward a few years later (2009) and I now had about 15 families, a senior, and a Nikon D80 under my belt. It was a whirlwind of God's kindness and enabling me to pursue my dream. I loved it. I loved my life: God was (and is!) so good. But then, I started to think about weddings. I loved them. So. Much. I loved the idea of taking pictures at weddings. And ruh roh. The idea snuck in of me being a wedding photographer. Nothing really happened until I second shot for Kristen for the first time. I mean, I had taken pictures at both of my aunt's weddings, but I wasn't getting any business from that. (Hey. I was 15 and had no wedding experience whatsoever. ;))

Slowly, slowly as I second shot more and read up about wedding photography I kept thinking "Yes. This is it. I love this. I want to do this for a living." See, now we are at the "for a living" stage.

God in His KINDNESS gave me the opportunity to do many weddings + an internship with Kristen last year. It was some of the most fun I have ever had and I said with an emphatic "yes!" that I wanted to do weddings. Are you fo real girl? Oh yeah.

And now I'm living the dream of taking pictures for fun and for a living and I love it. And I love people. Holla.