everyday moments: a collaboration

 [outside with jude dude] 

[my view from the drivers seat] 


[sick girl on the couch with her beloved magnadoodle] 

[puppy + girl] 

[pirate day at chem + tea. that was a good day] 

[spontaneous campfire with dinner + smores] 


I went running today. My breath froze in front of me and my lungs gasped for the cold air. The fall leaves are mostly on the ground now but there are still some remains of fall on the trees. October has come and gone. November and its cold air, freezing temperatures, and fires in the fire place is just around the corner. I am not ready for winter yet, I feel like fall just started. 

Carlotta and I are back again for an edition of everyday moments: a collaboration. Please check out her photos as well! What are you favorite memories of October?