what inspires me

inspiration is what keeps me going. when i see something that inspires me, i want to put into practice that "inspiration." i love it.

so i am going to be starting a five part series on what inspires me. the first two parts will be photography inspiration, the third and fourth parts will be things that i have found while looking around online stores, and the fifth part will be... a giveaway!! what will you be winning?

amazon.com! $20 to use on whatever you want. something that inspires you, something that you like, a book to read, anything. so be commenting on the posts in this series to enter (this one counts.)

you might be asking, are there any other ways i can win? yep! just post on facebook about this contest and leave me a comment saying that you did that, and you get another chance! you can comment on every post, but you can only tell me you posted it on facebook only once.

my friend carrie does giveaways on her blog and that's what "inspired" me to do one. so thanks carrie! :D

so enjoy the inspiration! i hope it inspires you too. :D