next year [2012]

for those who don't know, i do NOT believe that the world will end in 2012 unless God wills it. so now that i have said that, read on. :)

next year i will be a senior. and that's not a senior citizen for those wondering. i'm talking about, like i'm going to be 18 when i GRADUATE senior.

*insert crickets chirping*

AH. i will graduate. i will be done [d.o.n.e.] high school. and i have been praying about what i should do after i do graduate. i thought i would let you all know what the tentative plans are as of now. :)

i will graduate and then, for two months, i will be in guatemala on a missions trip. i am so. excited. God really has lead me to make this decision so i am really super duper ready to go.

then when i get home, Lord willing, i will do some photography internships around the country and begin to grow my business. aaand i am thinking of going into wedding photography, families and children on the side. i really do love wedding photography and i think i want to do that for a living (until i get married! :D)

so that's the next year tentatively. still praying and asking God to give me wisdom. and being super excited at the same time.