inspiration: pt. 2

up next: more photography inspiration! i really like still life photography even though i don't do it a lot. some prints that i have seen are really fun and especially "vintage-y" which is definitely style when it comes to still life. take a look! 

i love this specific shop from etsy called lolasroom.  there are fun, vintage prints that definitely inspire me to get out some fabric and search thrift stores for fun finds! 

another picture that i love is this one from etsy, yet again! 

i love the colors and the composition, especially the unique use of the "rule of thirds." 

this next picture was taken by my friend andrew who is very talented at taking still life. i love the composition and colors here! 

another favorite from a friend named carrie who has definite talent both in the photography and design world. 

this is just a sample of their work. but i love it and it inspires me. now i just need to go out and do more still-life... :)

so do you like taking still-life or portraits? which of these inspires you as well? remember to leave a comment!