A while ago, I did a "sister series." I think I'll do another one. (Because it's been a few years, you know.) Soo. Sarah.

What can I say? She's gorgeous. She's funny. ("I'm rich! It's plastic!")

She loves the Lord with allofherheart and runs after Him.

She's fun. (Did I ever mention the time when we were in Williamsburg and she pretended to be handicapped? Oh yeah. OR the time she wore those nose-and-mustache glasses to Jimmie Cone. Haha, wow. :D )

Her boots are cool. ;)

She's an awesome violin player and has the diligence in practicing that I don't have. By a long shot.

Sarah! I love you and your plastic curtain rod decorations. You provoke me towards godliness and diligence and joy. Lots of love. :)