Today something cool happened. But, before I tell you what, here's a little history.

A long time ago, we got a dog for Christmas. A nice sweet little Golden Lab. Or so we thought. She turned out to be really uncontrollable. And I mean go-to-the-training-center-and-go-behind-a-table-to-control-her uncontrollable. We had to give her away. I was heeeeartbroken. I loved dogs. And every since then I wanted one.

Well, today, my parents surprised us with a little trip to Mechanicsburg, PA. Ooooh. my. goodness. We got the cutest little beagle puppy eeever. Seriously. (I mean look at him. Sooo cute!)

So, that's pretty cool. And for the record, I have the bestest parents and the cutest dog ever. :)