Grady + Kara | Married in Indiana, Pennsylvania

There are a lot of lasts happening this year in my business as I prepare to close out this chapter of my life as a wedding photographer. For the last four years, I’ve had the chance to travel back to the East Coast for weddings, the lovely city of Indiana, Pennsylvania to be specific, all within the same group of friends, and it has been a blast. These couples have become my friends.

From start to finish, Grady and Kara’s wedding was so them. From hosting it on Grady’s parents land to the epic dance party that finished off the night, it represented them perfectly. I truly feel so honored to be let into a day like this.

Cody + Christy | Vow Celebration in Oklahoma

There are some weddings that pull on your heartstrings on so many different levels. This was one of them for me.

Christy came to the OWN IT workshop last year during a very difficult season of her life. It was so emotional, and she was open and honest with us while she was there. I got to see up close some of the struggle she was bravely working through, and I was so inspired by that. Fast forward a few months and the redemption in her life was INCREDIBLE. Cody and Christy are soulmates, it is so evident. They got married in a small ceremony late last year, with Christy's four children and some other family present, but they wanted to celebrate with more of their tribe. This vow celebration/reception was u n r e a l and so reflective of them. It was held at Christy's grandparents house and everywhere you turned, there was a story to be told about something.

Intimate. Celebratory. Redemptive. 

Also, my amazing friend Wyn and I co-shot this wedding which was Level Number 2. I'm so grateful for people in my life that stick around and encourage the heck out of me. This whole experience made me feel so so thankful. 

Bryan + Victoria | Married in Tulsa

When Victoria was first telling me about her wedding, she mentioned that it would be a backyard celebration with tacos and popsicles. Hello. Sign me up. Bryan and Victoria were surrounded by so many people who intentionally and actively sought to celebrate these them. So many encouraging and uplifting words were said during their reception. I love these weddings that get back to the heart of what it's about. And Bryan and Victoria's love was a blast to photograph. 


2017 In Review

2017 was my first full year as a wedding photographer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a year full of new things and good good people. When I look back on this time last year, it is so crazy to see where I was and where I am, how far God has brought me through healing and restoration. And He's not done yet. 

To my 2017 clients, friends: You mean the world to me. I know you could have picked any other photographer to document your life and I am truly humbled that you chose me. Thank you for being the kindest, greatest, coolest people ever. I love each of you! 

And to the people that still read this blog (and maybe remember the good old days when I blogged multiple times a week about cookies and random trips I was taking), thank you for being you. Thank you for messaging me and telling me that vulnerability has touched your spirit, thank you for opening up about your own journeys, and thank you most of all for showing me what it means to love people well. The community that photography has brought me has become so special to me. Thank you. 

Ben + Richlyn | Married in Rosarito, Mexico

Earlier this year, I received an Instagram message from Richlyn and she was asking if I was able to come to Mexico to photographer her wedding. Her exact words were that she'd love to "taco bout it." HELLO YES OF COURSE. 

We chatted for a while, set up a phone call, and I felt this huge connection with her. I love when that happens. When it clicks. And you know that you are going to be friends long after the wedding day is over. 

The entire experience was overwhelming in the best way. All of the wedding guests (about 35 people in total) spent the night before eating tacos, chatting around a huge fire pit, and getting to know one another. So many languages and cultures were represented, so many people came together simply because they love Ben and Richlyn and wanted to lift them up. 

And the wedding day. So relaxing, so effortless. Richlyn took her time getting ready at their gorgeous AirBnb, soaking in time with family and close friends. The ceremony was full of laughter and joy and supporting Ben and Richlyn. The whole thing was a party, celebrating marriage and friendship and LIFE. I couldn't narrow down their story to a few images so enjoy scrolling through all of these. :) 

(P.S. We were enjoying the reception when the sun broke through the clouds and we RAN to take photos in front of it. As the minutes passed, it just got bolder and brighter and more beautiful. God is crazy creative and photographing in front of His creation is such a privilege.)