Cody + Christy | Vow Celebration in Oklahoma

There are some weddings that pull on your heartstrings on so many different levels. This was one of them for me.

Christy came to the OWN IT workshop last year during a very difficult season of her life. It was so emotional, and she was open and honest with us while she was there. I got to see up close some of the struggle she was bravely working through, and I was so inspired by that. Fast forward a few months and the redemption in her life was INCREDIBLE. Cody and Christy are soulmates, it is so evident. They got married in a small ceremony late last year, with Christy's four children and some other family present, but they wanted to celebrate with more of their tribe. This vow celebration/reception was u n r e a l and so reflective of them. It was held at Christy's grandparents house and everywhere you turned, there was a story to be told about something.

Intimate. Celebratory. Redemptive. 

Also, my amazing friend Wyn and I co-shot this wedding which was Level Number 2. I'm so grateful for people in my life that stick around and encourage the heck out of me. This whole experience made me feel so so thankful.