It's me, Walter Mitty.

Y'all. I've seriously been in the middle of a crowded room and my brain has been in a completely different place. I'm a Walter Mitty-esque daydreamer and I'm proud of it.

I've dreamed up a lot of things in my life. My photography business, being able to teach other photographers about running a business, what my own wedding will look like one day. Heck, sometimes I daydream about my ideal taco. But if there's one thing I have learned about daydreaming, it's that when I give my goals and dreams and desires to God, it always turns out 100x better than I could ever planned it for myself. It sounds so extremely cliché to say that, but it has been proven in my life. Over and over. 

Take Brides of Oklahoma. I never, ever, planned to be published in a magazine. I would flip through The Knot and think, "Maybe one day." Honestly, I was focused on booking weddings that I loved and building my business. I put getting published on the list of "super big dreams I have but am not focusing on right now." It stayed there for a few years. 

Here's the moral of the story. Dream big. Dream bigger than you think is possible and work hard. I guess I'm just feeling cheesy today? But ANYTHING, anything is truly possible. As my homegirl Hannah Brencher says, "The reality is taking its place now. You are you. You are either a fighter or someone who talks about things. Don't talk about your goals, live them. Kick so much butt that people can't deny you've changed. Live your progress and, if necessary, use words." K, I'm done.

Back in July, I had the opportunity to be part of one of the most creatively inspiring shoots I've ever photographed. Brides of Oklahoma asked me to photograph their tabletop session for their January issue (out NOW!!) and when I looked at the vendor list, I couldn't believe my eyes. Honestly, these people are the best of the best. Rosemary Ridge hosted us and we spent a few hours as the sun went down playing with gowns and flowers and food. I left the evening overwhelming grateful and humbled, which sounds so cliché, but it filled my heart right up. Enjoy looking through these photos and make sure you pick up the January issue of Brides of Oklahoma to see so many more talented people and beautiful weddings represented! 

The incredible vendors! 

Florals + Styling: Ever Something / Lettering: Prairie Letter Shop / Catering: Interurban / Venue: Rosemary Ridge / Videography: Anna Schroeder Visuals / Cake: Ms. Laura Cakes / Hair + Makeup: Chelsey Ann