san francisco | celebrate: travel

I think my favorite thing about San Francisco is that the fog... it has a name. Karl, Karl the fog. What city names their fog? Only awesome ones, apparently. 

I was in SF for a photography workshop but had the opportunity to sight-see quite a bit. I'm forever grateful to my hosts Danny + Brittany for giving me the "Must See in 24 Hours" List and showing me what really good food is. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the Golden Gate Bridge in all its glory (THANKS KARL!) but I did enjoy a sandwich from the Golden Gate Cafe while watching kids play ball and tourists enjoy the view. I was sitting on top of a hill, enjoying my food, taking in the sights and sounds of Fort Point and I realized something very important about travel. We often hype up traveling to the grand views and Instagrammable moments when in reality, the beauty of travel is in the small, normal moments. Waiting 20 minutes for your sandwich to be finished, taking photos of half a bridge along with 100 other tourists, breathing deep and being silent on top of a grassy hill. Being present, fully in the moment is the beauty of travel. Enjoying your surroundings and learning from places and people. I love it. 

We went to "Off The Grid," a gathering of food trucks at Fort Mason for dinner one night. I got fish tacos (the best I have EVER had) + spicy strawberry lemonade. Eating food with friends has to be one of the greatest life experiences. We finished up the night on the other side of the Bay, watching as the sun mixed with the fog as it rolled into the harbor. It was magical.