I don’t even know how to begin this blog post because it is a big one. So maybe we’ll skip the beginning? 

I’m writing a book.

This book is titled Unfolding Passions and it is a photo journalistic view at ten young people (or groups of young people!) who are doing amazing things in the world today. They have gone against what society has said is “needed” and are doing what they are passionate about. Art, music, making a difference in the world. 

The purpose of this book is to inspire, encourage, and inform. To inspire young people to pursue their passions, to encourage, that’s it is not impossible to succeed at making your dreams come true (in the most realistic, non cliche way possible), and to inform others of what young people are able to do. I hope you read the words + look at the photos and something goes off in your mind that says, “Yes. I can do that too.” That might be something completely different than anyone in this book is doing, it might (and probably will!) be unique to you. That’s awesome. Go for it. This world needs more “doing dreamers” as I like to call them. People who dream, and then make those dreams a reality. You have so much potential. Reach for the stars, grab on tight, and go for a wild ride. Too cheesy? Heck, I live off of cheesy metaphors. 

Along with this book (which, Lord willing, will be published in Spring 2015!) I am launching Unfolding Passions: The Blog. I’ll be putting up a post every Thursday and occasionally, you might see some special guests over there! I am really excited about this blog because I hope that it will be a platform for the message behind Unfolding Passions and that we can all come together as a community and get excited about dreaming, doing, and life in general. This is where you come in! I would love to feature as many people as possible over on Unfolding Passions. If you have started a photography business, released an EP, written (or are writing!) a novel, or anything else exciting, send me an email at unfoldingpassions(at)gmail(dot)com! I will be looking through these and picking some to feature on the blog. This is a COMMUNITY, a place to come together and encourage and be encouraged. I hope that this gets everyone excited for the book, and that it only grows into something bigger than I could ever imagine. Keep an eye at my social media pages (FB, Twitter, and Instagram!) for the link to the blog when it goes live on Thursday! I'll be posting the story behind the book, what inspired me, and how I am going forward. :)  

This book, and blog, are being created for those of you aged 16-22. I believe that from the end of high-school to the end of college, a person has a lot of decisions to make and is often faced with a lot of challenges and resistance by society. I hope that Unfolding Passions encourages and inspires specifically young people, but really everyone, to step out of their comfort zones and be who they are called to be. Nothing gets me more excited than when I see someone who is doing what they are passionate about and they feel alive in it.

Thank you for reading! I can't wait to see where this takes us. :)