My shoulders are sunburned, and my legs are so sore, but walking around Santa Barbara was worth it. 

I wouldn't say that I am a "beach girl." I grew up going to the beach MAYBE once a year. I loved the sand + the water, but I would rather go to a lake or a small town. I think Santa Barbara is changing me. I could spend all day on these beaches. 

Stearns Wharf is such a fantastic place. I had fish + chips and a mint chocolate chip ice-cream cone for lunch and I'm telling you, everything tastes better when you are surrounded by the smell of salt water + the sound of people chatting + waves crashing. 

Do you see that brown thing in the water? That's a seal. We had a magical moment where he looked up at me and swam for a few feet, with his eyes pointed directly at mine. I scrambled for my phone and he dived under the water right as I was taking a picture. I looked around, no one else had seen him. Crazy. 

Have a fantastic weekend! :)