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the year that ROCKS.

ellie be15 Comments
(no, that's not a real tattoo ;))

I graduated highschool.
I spent a summer in Guatemala.
I went to Passion 2013.
I launched C4.
Eighteen was a good year. 

Tomorrow I turn nineteen. The big 1-9. Wait, that's not a thing? Huh.

I have to confess, nineteen was always that "unknown" age for me.. eighteen was cool and at twenty, you are no longer a teenager. I'm determined to live my life as a nineteen year old to the fullest. Nineteen is going to be the year that ROCKS. 

My word for 2013 is FREE. It's a pretty beautiful thing to live in freedom and let go of fear. When you take your heart and say, "Jesus it's Yours." That's cool.

I'm traveling a ton this year.
I'm doing mentorships. 
I'm going to a mentorship.
I'm learning + exploring + challenging my heart and mind this year. 

I'm excited, and hey, guess what? Y'all get to come along with me.

Have a happy weekend!