"She is adventurous + wild, she thinks outside the box." 
"I love his quirky sense of humor."

I actually don't know where to start with these two, because they are honestly one of the cutest + most fun couples I've ever known. 

Remember when Josh proposed? I met Emilee for the first time then + immediately got the vibe that she was one of the sweetest and kindest and most adorable people ever. Constantly saying "thank you so much for being here!" and "I can't believe you came out here to take pictures!" I mean, she had just said yes to forever with the man she loved, and she was thanking me! I wish it wasn't cheesy for me to say hashtag selfless. 

In the questionnaire I gave them to fill out, I asked how they would describe the other in one word or phrase. Emilee answered, "Can CUTESTOFTHEWORLD be one word?" I just really like them. Let me just say, they were both CUTESTOFTHEWORLD during these session. Sheesh. 

This might have been my favorite part of the whole session.

J: "Let's arm wrestle."
E: "Okay, I'm gonna beat you."

"Alright, now give each other a kiss."

And slowly, he just pushed her arm down. Cutest of the world. 

I mean, I think they are the greatest. ;) Can't wait for their fabulous wedding in June!