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sarah turned sixteen | portraits

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She made her way down to my room for our "Friday night of Downton Abbey." We watched a couple episodes, laughing at the Dowager Countess and blushing because of Branson's smile. After they were done, we got into a two hour conversation about dreams, life, love, happiness, following Jesus, church, and careers. 

"I want to go to Hillsdale and become a Latin teacher." 
She can do it. She has the drive and the determination and the skills. 

"I love teaching violin."
She's so good at it. Her students love her. 

"I'm definitely an introvert." 
She says, laughing. Well, maybe she loves reading books and spending time at home with a cup of tea, but she has the biggest heart for people that I have seen. 

"I love Jesus. He's so amazing."
Her. Faith. One of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed. It is such a blessing to be her older sister. 

Strawberry, (my Anne-loving, movie quoting, laughing sister) you are loved. Thank you for being such a good you. Don't ever be anyone else. :)