Dear Jude, 

You are the best.

I want to protect you forever from people that will hurt you and things that will get lost. I want to protect you from doing things that will make you stumble. But I can't. You are going to grow up and be an amazing person, you already are amazing. And you will learn from your mistakes. You will thrive and be the person God has created you to be, creative, feisty, joyful. 

Remember, that no matter what you hear from others, you are created in the image of God. You are a wonderful person. He has made you special and unique and like NO ONE ELSE. You have unique gifts that He wants to see you succeed in. 

Be curious. Be fearless. Be full of freedom and life and love. Never take your life for granted, travel the world, experience things. Be excited about what God is excited about. Also, love children like Jesus does. You are so blessed to grow up in a Christian home, not everyone gets that experience. Go to those kids and be a friend to them. 

Please never really grow up. Please never give up on your dreams. Please fight for joy and faith and for all the good things in this world. Please remember that I'm always going to be your older sister and IIIIII WILL AAAALWAYS LOOOVE YOUUU. 

Because I will. And you will probably hate me when you're 13 and I tease you about that girl. But it's all outta love son. That's what big sisters do. 

Love, Eyyie.