I think as photographers, it's easy to have a pattern. A rhythm of how you shoot, where you shoot, why you shoot. And that's okay. But it's not extraordinary. It's not fantastic and amazing. It's just, okay. What would photography be like if everyone took a risk every once in a while and shot out of the box sometimes? Even if it's not a crazy risk, stepping out of your comfort zone is hard. 

There is this location I have been eyeing for a long time. It's behind an auto repair shop, and every time I drive by I think, "Man I want to take pictures there." But I've never had the guts to ask a client to come with me. So when Bekah and I decided to have a photoshoot the other day, I brought her to this location. I needed to be pushed and stretched, even if that was just asking permission to use the space behind the shop to take photos. 

So we asked. And we were told "yes." And we were also directed to some of the cool parts of the junkyard (yes, that's what it is. a cool junkyard). So we shot. And got some pretty awesome pictures out of it. But what if we hadn't asked.