There is a certain way that you decorate cookies. My little brother is an expert. 

1. Taste the icing. If it ain't good, it ain't goin on your cookie.

2. Use the dollop method. 

And stabilize the cookie with your fingers. 

3. Keep spreading until you have the cookie at least 50% covered.

4. Break out the sprinkles baby. 

5. Pour...


7. Gingerly touch the cookie so you don't mess up the icing. 

8. And place on a cutting board or other flat surface to dry. 

9. Let your older sister do the rest so she can take pictures of them. 

And that's what the profesh says folks. 

Cookie decorating + making in our house is a big deal. We love it.

(also, your responses to yesterday's post made my heart melt. thank you for your kind words + fun comments :)) 

Okay so it's Wednesday. The middle of the week. Aaand it can feel kind of slow at times. Therefore, I initiate THE WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE. Make and decorate your own cookies, blog about it, and link up here! I would love to see what you guys make. :) You have until next Wednesday! Aaaand go! Lots of exclamation points!!