I hope, at least most of you, have seen the "David After Dentist" video. If not, the summary is: this kid has got some serious novocain going on. I quote part of it all the time, "Is this real life?" 

That's kind of how I felt during this family photoshoot. The wondering if this is real life part, not the drugged up on novocain part. These people honestly made this photoshoot one of the best ones I have ever had. They were so outgoing and friendly, genuinely glad to be getting their pictures taken. You don't see that one every day! ;) 

Ben, Stephanie and their little, precious daughter Clara invited me into their lives for a bit and then Stephanie's brother and his girlfriend joined in as well. They are all such a fun bunch and I was on Cloud 9 taking pictures of them. 

Here they are all together! Good looking people right there, wowza. 

I die!