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sarahbee [portraits]

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We like to say we met online... and it confuses everyone. We met in August of 2010 when I messaged her through our online writing curriculum. I knew her older brother and thought I would reach out to her as well. I didn't know many people in the writing course and hey, she seemed fun. We quickly realized that we had a lot in common and had the same sense of humor. Letter writing and daily chats ensued, most of which occurred when we were supposed to be writing papers on famous literature.

Fast forward two years and Sarah is one of my best and most wonderful friends. I visited her and her family this past weekend and we filled it with bonfire adventures, stargazing, photoshoots, laughing, movie watching, and long talks late into the night.

She is a total sweetheart who has a gift for making gifts... she always gives the bestest presents. 

"I made one of these bracelets for myself... I'm my own friend." 

And she's beautiful. 

The light was perfect in this little forest. We quickly searched on Facebook and Pinterest for inspiration pictures using light like this and shot away. You should see some of the pictures she grabbed of me frantically searching before the light went away. Attractive. 

I don't usually include black and whites in my posts... but sometimes, they are just necessary. 

My chocolate chip eating, watercolor painting, Psych watching friend. I love you with all of my heart.