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hello. hi. welcome back.

ellie be14 Comments

I stepped off of the plane and into the Atlanta airport and immediately thought, "What the heck America, why are you so WARM." 

Needless to say, I'm back. And not quite understanding what humidity is or why it exists... 

My summer was amazingly beautiful. I spent it all at an orphanage in Guatemala and had some of the richest and most wonderful experiences I have ever had. I met precious children, spent a lot of time with my spectacular team, and was immersed in the gracious love of God. There are so many stories that I could type out and tons upon tons of pictures I could share, but I think the one thing that I want to get across is that my summer was worth it. If any of you are thinking of doing a short-term missions trip, do it. Every ounce of your body will become tired. You will be mentally exhausted at times. BUT. But. You will meet wonderful people. You will be stretched and challenged in a way that you might never have thought possible. You will be blessed beyond measure. God works in mighty ways when you follow His call for you and your life. 

I can't wait to get back into "scheduled programming," which sounds like I'm a TV announcer but what ever. Thank you all for sticking around and I hope your summer was amazing. What were up to?