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This next season of my life will be extremely hectic. Adventures galore really. 

Yesterday, I watched my little brother for a good bit of the day. He ran around our backyard screaming with joy, jumping, throwing sticks, exploring under rocks. I called to him and said, "Jude-dude! Let's take a picture!" He ran over, he looked at the camera, and I kissed him. That's all. 

While this is adventure month over here on the blog, take time to celebrate the in between moments, as cliche as it sounds, because everything that happens isn't going to stay like that forever.

Jude ran off back into the grass and I stood there staring at this picture. Being the sentimental person I am, I almost cried. This little kiddo isn't going to be two forever. He's going to grow up and become his own person, change and learn more things. Crazy that a year never goes by without us learning a ton of new things and growing ourselves. 

Here's to living life to the fullest, celebrating little and big adventures, and learning along the way. 

ps. are you linking up your adventure posts this month to my post here? go ahead! it's fun. :)