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sam + emily // married

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I first met Emily a couple weeks ago when we got together to talk about her wedding. We met at Corner Bakery but she asked if we could maybe hop over to Starbucks? "They don't have iced coffee here and well.. I really need an iced coffee!" 

I loved her from the beginning. :)

Sam is also wonderful. Caring, kind, smart, and completely and utterly in love with Emily. 

Sidenote: why do kiddos at weddings always steal my heart? This girl was my absolute favorite. Love it. 

And officially married!! 

After they came up the aisle, their bridal party + parents came up as well. Emily's dad gave her a big hug and started crying. So precious. 

Emily had the best bridesmaids. These girls were a bunch of awesome. 

And yeah. They are adorable. 

"I can't do it! Every time I smile, I just start laughing!" 

Sam and Emily, your wedding was beautiful. :)