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birthday + noelle

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Today is Jude's 2nd birthday. Cue the awwwws. And happy birthdays. Seriously, feel free to wish him a happy birthday. I'll tell him you said it. ;) Go down memory lane with me here.


I'm going to cheat and do two photoshoot posts in one week. ;)

This is Noelle. 

She is amazing in so many ways. She loves vintage movie posters, crazy and random things, and running. Like I said, she's awesome. 

She came to the photoshoot in one outfit: simple, clean + looking fiiiiine. That's who she is. She's not the kind of person to bring a ton of outfits and sweat the details. Love that. 


I hope you all are having a marvelous week. So far I have been cleaning my room, doing homework, rereading the Hunger Games series, and editing pictures. It's been a good one. :)