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[almost] four years.

ellie be4 Comments

I am reminded of the quote from the movie Field of Dreams. "If you build it, he will come." I built this little blog, and y'all came. 

It's been four years. Well, almost four. Almost four years since I asked my dad if I could start a blog for my photography, almost four years since I pressed "create a blog", almost four years since I posted my first welcome post. (Which was pretty lame. Just saying.) 

I have learned so much in almost four years. So much about my brand, photography, blogging, LIFE in general. It's been good four years. On November 12, 2007 I started this blog and on November 12, 2011, I will be unveiling something huge. Something unprecedented. Like really and truly. I have been thinking about this for a bit and I am finally beginning to work on it. It's exciting. And it involves weddings.

I want to thank you all. For the love, respect, comments, visits, referrals, and support. You are awesome.