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inspiration: pt. 4

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this post is about cool finds. not things that i could recreate per-say, but things that i definitely use (or could use!)

first up: wallpapers for your desktop, ipad or ipod/iphone. these are the cutest i have found... so far. :) there are some for guys as well. 

these labels are adorable! i downloaded one design and am planning on using them for future gifts/letters i send to people. i found them through this blog, which i found through carrie's blog. :D they are meant for valentines day, but some of them can be adapted to any occasion.

last year, i ordered these icecream cups for a party i had and everyone loved them! i love the vintage adorableness that they have. 

i made paper lanterns for the aforesaid party and later hung them in my room. this was my inspiration . :) below are the lanterns that i made.

the last idea is one that i really want to implement in my room and probably will (which is why it's not in yesterday's post. :D) i would paint chalkboard paint behind my bed and make it like a half headboard because half of behind my bed is my window. if that's confuses you, it's okay. i'm not quite sure i get it either. :p

so there are some things that i have been able to use and really enjoy (and one that i hope to enjoy!)

which ones would you do or not do and what are some things that you have found and used?