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inspiration: pt. 3

ellie be15 Comments
recently i have been looking around at little things that i like in online stores. they inspire me to recreate them at home so i can save money and get things for my room, wardrobe or anything like that. :)

that's what this post is about. things that i can use/wear in everyday life, and am very tempted to try to recreate. :D

i got this off of my friend hannah's blog and she got it off of here.  i just love it so much. i reminds me of summer and long nights and no homework... and i could go on and on. :)

this dress is awfully pretty but awfully out of my price range! so i could definitely find a pattern and make one of my own. :) i found it here. 

this is a skirt from the same place that is really cute.

back to posters: wouldn't this one be cool to do with vellum or tissue paper?

a printed card.

one last thing: some screenprinted fabric. this would be neat to buy a whole bunch of cheap little house stamps and make a poster or card with them.

which ones do you like? what is something that you have found that you would like to "recreate?"