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feel-good-talking what?

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we do netflix for most of our movies. best invention out there, use it. anyway, on the netflix website, there is a category called "feel-good-talking-animal shows." what in the world is that supposed to mean? 

being the older sibling of five, and having been a kid once, i have seen my share of kids television. and let me just say this, the shows that played 14 years ago are definitely better than the ones now. if i was to speak to the ceo of "feel-good-talking-animal shows" this is what i would say.

1. what happened to blues clues? i mean come on, blue and steve? it was classic! never replace that with little robots who zoom around the universe saving people. it just doesn't compare.

2. every show you produce is. the. same. seriously. if you were to analyze every modern, computer animated tv show out there now, you would find the same messages and themes. where's the originality here.

3. never create a show that adds the syllable "ey" to every label. for instance, there is a show called "wow wow wubbzy" (i know, the title is intimidating.) and they mentioned playing "footey football." what did you just say? let's go play some golfey golfey and drink appl-ey juicey while we're at it!

4. some shows are done right. like backyardigans. i have an announcement to make, this show fits the bill. it's actually really cool: every show highlights a different musical genre. they go on adventures and sing songs (with AMAZING HARMONIES) to fit with those specific genres. it's pretty neat.

now some of you are probably still back at square one and are wondering what shows i watched as a kid (as in ages 4-9).

a. blues clues [fav]
b. gullah gullah island. the show rocks kay?
c. out of the box. raise your hand if you liked tony and vivian.
d. zoom, a fun reality tv show that was completely kid-friendly. i pretty much envied the teenagers on this show. they looked so cool.
e. and finally, rolie-polie-olie. i could have watched this show all day. and i probably still could. it's adorable. 
EDIT: a friend of mine reminded me of two more shows that i loved. :) big comfy couch, and george shrinks. amazing memories. :D

so there you have it folks.