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Ellie3 Comments
as many of you know, i want to the beach last week. and it was AWESOME. :D :D i went to surprise my friend for her 16th birthday. i've known taylor since kindergarten.

wow aren't we cute. ;)

11 years later we spent the week together. we had seen their family in between then and now but this was the first REAL chance i had to spend time with them.

it was ah-mazing. they are such a fun, godly, wonderful family. it was really super.

i took their family pictures (later post). but also spent lots of time at the jersey shore boardwalk and beach.

best fudge. right here. it was so good.

we stayed up until 11pm playing mini golf at an awesome place on the boardwalk.

everyone rides bikes there. seriously. it's SO COOL.

so anyway, i'm home. and more pictures to come!! :D