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treguboff fam. {family photography}

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when i was 10, i knew i wanted to be a photographer. it just clicked. (haaaha no pun intended. ;)) but i didn't know what my style was. you know, the kind of pictures you take?

when i was 12, i still wanted to do photography and i wanted to be like kristen. you know everything she did, i did kind of thing? her style, my style.

and then 15 rolled around. and i started to realize what my style was. my own style. but it never actually got into my photographs until june 10th, 2010.

i've found it folks. whimsical, real-life, photographs.

this is life. siblings hugging, parents kissing, crying babies, pushing hair out of your face, laughing, playing, being simply you.
this wonderful family is another pc family and i love them so much! they were such great sports among gnats, long grass, fussy children, and the session turned out so well.

see that? a head hug. how many of you have seen children do that before? it's part of childhood. quick hugs, sibling love. or one of the siblings not liking the hug so much. ;)

loove this next shot. so much.

thank you treguboff family for letting me take your pictures!

and to all of you who read my blog, i've got exciting things coming up this summer to more reflect my new-found style. stay tuned. :)