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baby update #2

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well here's the latest from baby central. ;)

because the baby is a month early, they are treating the situation like he was premature, even though he's "normal" weight etc. So, they ARE keeping my mom on the meds until tomorrow night and the baby will be most likely born on saturday. when he's born, they'll determine whether or not he's premature and go from there.

thanks for your prayers. apparently, there is another woman at the hospital with the same meds my mom is on, but she's throwing up. my mom has had no side effects except for a slight headache. praise God!

i also just wanted to specifically thank those who have been such a blessing in the last 12 hours. many families in the church have been so eager to serve us in any way they can. thank you so much. words can't convey the depth of our gratitude. :)

i'll keep updating as i hear.