In June of last year, when I was photographing Bryce and Taylar's wedding, I met Devon and Julie. They were holding hands, giggling at their table, acting fully like the cute couple that they are. We had mutual friends (besides Bryce and Taylar) and so we crossed paths and started talking. Julie wanted me to take a photo of her + Devon and I knew instantly that I wanted to shoot their wedding someday. 

June 27, 2015. Devon + Julie's wedding day. Rebekah and I drove to Indiana, Pennsylvania for a weekend full of community, laughter, and wedding goodness. (P.S. Big shoutout to Rebekah for being the best second shooter out there!) The entire day it was rainy and gray except for about 20 minutes of portrait time when the sun came out and I did a little dance. These two, what can I say? They are elementary school sweethearts and best friends. Seeing them interact all day was so much fun. The whole day was a celebration of something that a lot of people had been waiting a long time for. ;) I love those weddings, where the family and friends roll their eyes playfully and say, "Finally!" and the bride and groom are so in love and so genuinely happy to be married. Enjoy their wedding story.