From 9th-11th grade, Sarah wanted to be a Classics/Latin teacher. She was certainly smart enough for it. I completely, 100% saw her as a teacher. She was cut out for it. She was set on it.

But then. I still remember the phone call... she told me that she didn't want to be a teacher anymore. She wanted to pursue musical theater and be on Broadway. The way she spoke about it, full of passion and excitement, made me excited for her. She smashed her performance as Jasmine in Aladdin at a local private school this past year and I cried while watching her sing. Her talent is beyond this world, such a gift to all interact with her. Even if she couldn't sing a note, she would still be a gift. She has a kind, sweet spirit and a sharp sense of humor. I love this girl, and SHE'S MY SISTER?! Taking her senior photos was a dream. 

Sarah, I WILL FIGHT PEOPLE IF NEED BE to get a front row seat at your first Broadway show, and every other show after that. You're incredible and I'm so proud of you for pursuing your passion.